Sunday, March 15, 2009

get a free credit card

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making money online tips and clue that works

In the world today, virtually everything we do online has a price tag attached to it. From social networks / forums, chat rooms, downloads, purchases, to web-hosting. Paying customers always get the VIP treatment and free users just get very limited services, and a constant notice reminding them to UPGRADE, through credit card or other forms of online payment.

When the need to make some form of online transaction arrises, many people have the idea that "credit card" is the only payment option available, or that no online payment option exist because of thier geographical location. If you are one of such people - read on.
There are numerous options available when it comes to paying and recieving money online. They provide varying services and are accepted as means of payment or alternatives to credit card payments. they include;

1. (No Nigerians Allowed... lol)

And lots more...all the payment options mentioned above can be used to buy/sell online, fund your forex account, upgrade to Premium in Rapid share and other sites, get full versions of products etc.

Access to the internet is good, but maximAs usuall, any account created will be empty until money is paid into the account which you can then spend as you wish online or withdraw to your account (requires some validation). But the question is "how do you get this money?" SIMPLE = You work For It. lol

There are numerous means of making Legitimate money online, which will be paid directly into your online accounts for spending or withdrawal. Take note of the word "Legitimate" because there are a lot of similar online jobs which tend to ask for payment before you can start earning, beware of such and stick to the once that actually pay with no long stories.
For the purpose of this particular blog, only paid to click sites(PTC), and such which pays as much as you work (cents) will be discussed. Tips on Google adsense and other advanced forms online income will be available upon request.

I guess by now you have created your online account (paypal, alertpay etc), and you are ready to start earning money. well for a start - here's a few LEGITIMATE sites which have PAID ME, and helped me upgrade to Premium on rapidshare. they are:

NOTE: copy complete link and paste in browser address bar or hold SHIFT + click on the links above to open in a new page. please do not remove the referal links (teawize).

There are lots others, but i prefer these which do not accumulate your earnings, but send it to you upon request, thus the name No minimum payout.

For Nigerian Users who still want to use paypal despite its discrimination of Nigerians, i suggest you always hide your IP with and register with another country e.g Kenya.
Always hide you IP with when you login to you yahoomail for avtivation of your paypal account, and anytime you want to send / recieve money or simply check your account balance.

NOTE: If you do not HIDE your IP (which shows your location as Nigeria.), paypal will detect a login from nigeria and disable you account IF THE THIS INFO IS WHAT YOU NEED YOU CAN HELP US BY CLICKING ON THE ADVERTS BELOW.AND YOU CAN FIND OUT MORE BY USING THE SEARCH ENGINE ON TOP OF THE SITE.TANX

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

site 4 free call

my fellow fbt users enclose within is a site dat u can register to make free call nd free sms. dis hw it goes when u register they give u a airtime worth 10dollar 4 ur use to call nd send mesg wen u finish using d 10dolls u can always re-sign up nd delete all ur cookies.the site is

Monday, March 9, 2009

the etisalat manual configuration


APN IS:etisalat


PORT IS:8080