Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new mtn cheat

new Opera Mobile Cheat (Zain / MTN)
Like you all know, nothing lasts for ever, especially free things like FBT which has now been the top priority of some network providers. Owing to this fact, the old thricks no longer work (call it blocked if you like). It is the ability to get a new cheat that enables one continue to browse FREE.

Nough said, Mobile browsing don't trip me much so i stick to PC research Only. Thus the new mobile browsing cheats are fabricated through different trial and error test from different people, thus cannot be attributed to one particular person, except Nland, or other child boards where they are usually Posted, but all thesame its worthy to note that lance, Markeny and others Copied/posted it.

The new MTN cheat for opera mod is "%2fa%@ "
i mean

The new ZAIN cheat for opera mod is wap.amob.com@

I must confess, i was amazed that zain has also adopted the @ trick, thus making things a bit more easy/complicated at the same time.
As for PC cheats, You have to help your self to that, because nothing yet is coming out of my LAB for now.

Saturday, January 17, 2009
Another HIT by the yhello Boys!!!
This is not actually an update, but kind of like a public notice to all so i can stop recieving requests for mtn settings.
Yesterday (Friday) at about 2 pm, The yhello boys succeeded (again) in closing another one of thier several loop holes, despite the hidden nature of this new one. This goes on to show that "They " are amongst us and even go the extra mile to buy new cheats from us.
I hate challenges though i know i'll always come out victorious, but this particular challenge is something else. Currently, i'm digging deeper into the mtn host address, which i think is under going some wicked redirections which do not favour the freedom/opera servers

I have switched all my paying customers to zain because the complain on freedom was just getting to much, so i suggest you do the same and continue enjoying FBT.

MTN WAP Update... Mobile/PC
It wasn't much of a shock for most of us when the plug on trick which was has been characterised by constant errors and disconnections both on PC and mobile was finally pulled. As usual, many will look for whom to blame, by pointing fingers at all directions, as if its their birth right to browse free. I simply accepted it in good faith and looked for a solution.

While i was still digging for my solution, some guys hinted that adding "%2f" after the .8 still works for free on opera alone, making it Though its not a new trick, it was welcome as new. When this trick was applied on PC it didn't work, thus limiting browsing expirience on MTN. Many switched to zain, but i was not willing to give up just yet.
+ MTN WAP Update... Mobile/PC

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